Monday, 1 February 2010

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

This book is designed for trading on the stock market but the theories can be applied to any kind of trading or betting. I bought this book after hearing rave reviews about it and I wasn’t disappointed, at the time of purchase I was going through a particular rough patch with my betting. I was chasing losses, over staking and generally betting on anything I could to make some money and the end result was a loss after loss after loss.

Trading in the Zone focuses on how the human mind reacts to certain situations and this is very important when betting. It made me realize not to get carried away when winning and vice versa when losing – you need to believe in your methods and ability to make consistent profits and ACCEPT THE RISK! This is a book I often refer to just remind myself that making money from the Betfair markets is 20% knowledge and 80% mind control, it’s a great read and this would be the first book I would recommend to those having trouble trying to make consistent profits from betting/trading.

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  1. Very good book indeed I have read it!
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